Dec 12, 2016

Pledge Campaign Is Live!

My nearly 50 year life in rock and roll didn't happen without you!

Some of you have been turning people on to my music for years. Now it’s time to turn on the rest of the world — and we’ve decided that a feature documentary is the best way to do it.

Since the documentary is going to take a while to complete, in the interim we’ll be giving you updates and exclusives on not just the doc, but on a brand new album too — with expected delivery no later than April 1, 2017.

As for the film’s completion, the sooner we fund it the sooner we finish it so join me on this journey and help bring my story out there! PLEDGE HERE!

WHO IS GARLAND JEFFREYS? (working title) A singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who broke into the Greenwich Village music scene in the late 60’s with soulful, genre-bending songs focused on racial themes. With his 1973 self-titled album debut on Atlantic Records Garland began a promising career, revered by such peers as Lou Reed and Bob Marley (who went on record saying “Garland Jeffreys does reggae better than anyone in America”). While his albums have charted in the Top Five in the UK and Europe, his songs been covered by bands as diverse as The Circle Jerks and Vetiver, and many used as needle drop tracks in film and advertisements globally, Jeffreys remains largely a cult favorite in the commercial music scene.

Now at 73, he’s looking back over his colorful life and career. His 20 year-old daughter Savannah’s musical talent is undeniable. Will her music become his legacy? What is his legacy? What keeps him going? What keeps all of us going, and how do we reconcile ourselves to the choices we’ve made along the way?

As much an exploration of a dynamic recording artist’s lifelong career and persistent integrity as it is a meditation on the meaning of fame and success, with interviews from Laurie Anderson, Graham Parker, Harvey Keitel and many more, “Who Is Garland Jeffreys?” will rock your soul and open your heart.