Oct 23, 2017

Hat in the ring for a Grammy

Get out the vote and help me get a Grammy!
Deadline to get on the ballot for a nomination is 10/29.
A guy like me who's been at this for almost 50 years naturally would like more recognition for my work.
If you or anyone you know is a Grammy voter please share this post and help 14 Steps To Harlem get recognized. The Americana category is the best fit for my eclectic style. Competition is tough.
Players and studios: Brooklyn Recording, His House-Innsbruck studio​, East Side Recording​, James Maddock​, Tom Curiano​, Brian Stanley​, Charles Roth​, Mark Bosch​, Brian Mitchell​, Steve Goulding​, Alan Freedman​, Zev Katz​, Ben Stivers​,@Aaron Aaron Comess​, Savannah Jeffreys​, Cindy Mizelle​, Laurie Anderson​, Marc Urselli​, Greg Calbi​, Sterling Sound​, Jimmy Harry​. Thanks to everyone for an album I'm very proud of.