Nov 30, 2017

An homage in "The Deuce"

George Pelecanos wrote this scene based on the 70s days when I used to perform with blackface masks. From The Deuce season finale, with Alec Gaston playing me performing 96 Tears at the bar:

Vincent: “Why does the singer got all that shit on his face? I thought that went out with Al Jolson.”
Abby: “He’s part black.”
Vincent: “Now I’m really confused.”

Rolling Stone said about Abby in this episode - "Meanwhile, she and Paul start hiring live bands for the bar, represented here by Garland Jeffreys' savage cover of Question Mark and the Mysterians' 96 Tears in full face paint. (Eat your heart out, Vinyl.)"

And in UPROXX: What’s the significance of the band doing the “96 Tears” cover at the bar in the finale?
Pelecanos: It’s Garland Jeffreys. He was covering that song in the early 70s, and he’d sometimes performed it in blackface, though he’s half-black himself. When punk started in the ’70s, they were covering a lot of garage band songs in the ’60s that were punk before punk, and that was one of them. What we’re doing there is saying, “There’s something happening here, but it hasn’t been identified.”