Jul 2, 2018

ASCAP Celebrates My 75th!

Thanks @ASCAP for this! 

Happy 75th birthday to Garland Jeffreys - a true original, an absolute treasure of a songwriter, and an ASCAP member for 48 years. May you forever stay wild in the streets...

Younger generations of musicians have heard Jeffreys’ call. He’s been covered by everyone from LA punkers The Circle Jerks (who gave his song “Wild in the Streets” a hardcore makeover, turning it into an unofficial anthem of the skatepunk community) to neo-folk act Vetiver. And he continues to be a staple for TV and commercial placements. As but one example, a recent episode of 13 Reasons Why features both the Circle Jerks cover of “Wild in the Streets” and a raucous reinterpretation by the Peruvian-American psych-punk band Los Huaycos.

Wish Garland “Happy Birthday” in person at one of his upcoming shows in New York:

July 13 - The Iridium, NYC

July 14 - My Father's Place at The Roslyn Hotel, Roslyn, NY

August 3 - Indian Lake Theater, Indian Lake, NY

August 10 - Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY

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