Oct 15, 2018

New York Times Op Ed

Loudon Wainwright III included my "Don't Call Me Buckwheat" in this The New York Times Op Ed article "Them’s Fightin’ Words: 10 Great Protest Songs" along with others that are part of our collective American hearts and minds. https://nyti.ms/2QHz0UA

“Don’t Call Me Buckwheat” This 1991 Garland Jeffreys song is the title track of an album about race that should be listened to all over again. Using rock 'n' roll, doo-wop, reggae and hip hop, Mr. Jeffreys digs into the personal pain and the injustice of America’s never-ending battle with itself. All the tracks are evocative, and they include “Color Line,” “Spanish Blood” and “I Was Afraid of Malcolm.”

Alongside "Little Boxes," "We Shall Overcome" and "America the Beautiful."