Dec 11, 2017

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We've taken over fulfillment of our store and have been able to lower the prices! 
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Dec 9, 2017

Vote for 14 Steps To Harlem in No Depression Best Of 2017 Reader Poll

No Depression is one of the best publications out there on roots music. You can vote for my 14 Steps To Harlem in their 2017 Year-End Readers Poll.

VOTE up until 12/15.

In great company here but I am as proud of this record as anything I've ever done.

More proof that he deserves musical comparisons that fall somewhere between Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and Graham Parker — Pop Matters

One of rock's most compelling voices — American Songwriter

Shows the now 73-year old songwriter still reveling in the kind of wide-ranging songwriting that has today become a lost art — Stereophile 

Timeless — USA Today

Nov 30, 2017

An homage in "The Deuce"

George Pelecanos wrote this scene based on the 70s days when I used to perform with blackface masks. From The Deuce season finale, with Alec Gaston playing me performing 96 Tears at the bar:

Vincent: “Why does the singer got all that shit on his face? I thought that went out with Al Jolson.”
Abby: “He’s part black.”
Vincent: “Now I’m really confused.”

Rolling Stone said about Abby in this episode - "Meanwhile, she and Paul start hiring live bands for the bar, represented here by Garland Jeffreys' savage cover of Question Mark and the Mysterians' 96 Tears in full face paint. (Eat your heart out, Vinyl.)"

And in UPROXX: What’s the significance of the band doing the “96 Tears” cover at the bar in the finale?
Pelecanos: It’s Garland Jeffreys. He was covering that song in the early 70s, and he’d sometimes performed it in blackface, though he’s half-black himself. When punk started in the ’70s, they were covering a lot of garage band songs in the ’60s that were punk before punk, and that was one of them. What we’re doing there is saying, “There’s something happening here, but it hasn’t been identified.”

Oct 23, 2017

Hat in the ring for a Grammy

Get out the vote and help me get a Grammy!
Deadline to get on the ballot for a nomination is 10/29.
A guy like me who's been at this for almost 50 years naturally would like more recognition for my work.
If you or anyone you know is a Grammy voter please share this post and help 14 Steps To Harlem get recognized. The Americana category is the best fit for my eclectic style. Competition is tough.
Players and studios: Brooklyn Recording, His House-Innsbruck studio​, East Side Recording​, James Maddock​, Tom Curiano​, Brian Stanley​, Charles Roth​, Mark Bosch​, Brian Mitchell​, Steve Goulding​, Alan Freedman​, Zev Katz​, Ben Stivers​,@Aaron Aaron Comess​, Savannah Jeffreys​, Cindy Mizelle​, Laurie Anderson​, Marc Urselli​, Greg Calbi​, Sterling Sound​, Jimmy Harry​. Thanks to everyone for an album I'm very proud of.

Oct 18, 2017

Schoolyard Blues Video Premiere

When I wrote "Schoolyard Blues" I had no idea that one day there would be a real live "six foot nine boy" in our lives — Joseph Kuo, who Savannah met at Wesleyan. This video was a blast to shoot, and Jesse Moritz did a fantastic job realizing Claire's idea. Some of it might be at my expense, but I dig the spirit and fun of it. Shot at Saint Nicholas Park in Harlem.

Oct 5, 2017

Tokyo at Billboard Live


Sep 21, 2017


This Sunday at Jones Beach in Wantagh, NY tickets available here!

Sep 6, 2017



Aug 31, 2017

Repurposed Merch

Thanks to Irene K, who envisioned this tee shirt as a Greek icon and created this cool denim jacket.

Aug 22, 2017


Looking forward to my first trip to Oklahoma for this master class sponsored by University of Central Oklahoma followed by a show. Get tickets here!

Aug 9, 2017

Debut album finally up on digital

From 1973, my solo debut on Atlantic Records!

Aug 6, 2017

Ballad version of "Help" from new album

It was 52 years ago TODAY that The Beatles released "Help." Here's a live version of my take on it from my "14 Steps To Harlem" — in the ballad style that John Lennon said he thought it might've been.

Recorded at Daryl's House Club with Tom Curiano Charles Roth Brian Stanley Nick Biello and Justin Jordan.

Jul 24, 2017

Best show promo in history — 8/4 Indian Lake, NY

When it comes to local promotion, no one can touch Bill Tureby of Indian Lake, NY.

Last year we played Indian Lake Theater and we're going back again. This time the entire band will stay over for Bill and family's annual Badminton Tournament, a longstanding tradition complete with a regulation court.

If you're in the Adirondacks, you don't want to miss it!

Tickets available here

Jul 13, 2017

Pop Matters Album Review

read more here from Pop Matters

Jul 7, 2017

Three countries in three days!

Photo: Jerrold Mallee

Photo: Saddri

FRANCE Paris New Morning

NETHERLANDS Den Haag Night At The Park Festival

ITALY Vicenza Retro

Jun 4, 2017

Show Review Toronto - Blurt

Hugh’s Room Live was the scene, and the man delivered. Boy, did he ever.


I’ve never met the Pope. But I’ve met Garland Jeffreys and I’m expecting the experience to be similar. Aside from the man’s 47+ years of show business credentials and endless library of exceptional songs, he appears to stand for everything that matters in this world, embracing an absolute love of his fellow man with a buoyant, upbeat positivity that would make Julie Andrews blush – everything you’d expect of a proper pontiff. Completely approachable and extremely fan-friendly, the extra time he invested into the end of his evening turned out to be as lengthy as the 16-song set he and his Coney Island Playboys had just laid out for a full, adoring house of forever fans. Long after most artists would’ve been justifiably hotel-bound, Garland Jeffreys sincerely cares to go that extra mile.

Read more here

Apr 25, 2017

Session at Paste Magazine

Filmed in New York City, 3 songs from the new record. Thanks Paste!